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Tour de Logos

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I’ve been away from Logos Academy for two years but I am back and in a way it feels like coming home. I previously spent 8 years in this place, sharing my passion for the arts with students in our classrooms and advocated for them through fundraising in the community. l feel a profound sense of privilege to be able to do so again. There is something about walking in these doors every morning that brings with it a sense of honor to be about this mission. As people of faith we believe that God has called us to actively and practically demonstrate the love of Christ by pouring into the lives of students. Our staff continually surprise me with their above and beyond commitment. Our students continually surprise me with their creativity and promise. Our donors continually surprise me with their outstanding generosity. Mix this all together and you get a place of beauty, giftedness, diversity and yes, of challenges that encompassing all of our broader York community. It’s a vibrant place of learning where excellence in academics, character, and spiritual life thrive.

Looking to Share

Of late, we have been looking for a consistent and fun way to invite people to explore our Vibrant Learning Community. A point of entry where friends both old and new can discover what is happening at Logos and be inspired to further involvement. There are too many exciting and amazing things happening here at Logos to keep them to ourselves. Because of this I am excited to launch an event called the Tour De Logos. This event will happen the first Thursday of every month when we invite you to join us for an hour at lunch to enjoy the company of our students and get to know our community.

If you are new to Logos, COME! This will be a perfect introduction. If you are an old friend of Logos, COME! You will be encouraged. If you know someone who may be interested in our school tell them to COME! We are intent on this being an exploration event which allows all to come and enjoy the great things that happen here at Logos. There is no ask or obligation just time for sharing and joy.

It will always be first Thursday at 12:30pm at Logos Academy (250 W King Street, York PA 17401). Bring a friend and hope to see you there!

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