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First Grade Fun and Learning

What could be more fun than being with a wonderful bunch of effervescent first graders? From start to finish, each day is full of awe and wonder. Endless questions, discoveries, and brainstorms fill their day while finding delight in learning about the world they live in.

This year we are taking a tour of the world with stops on every continent. We began in North America by dressing up in colonial costumes borrowed from York Heritage Trust. As we learned about Johnny Appleseed, we picked big red apples t Brown’s Orchard. What a day to remember!

When special guests came in to tell us about their experiences in Central and South America, we feasted on homemade tacos.  Dr. and Mrs. Kraft, who have visited all seven continents, dazzled our firsties with stories of their hike through the mountains of Kenya where they sat among wild gorillas.

We ended the year with a special recitation of Psalm Chapter One at the Christmas Concert. Hearing children speak from God’s Word, which has been carefully preserved and tucked into each student’s heart, was powerful and long lasting. The memories of their special times in first grade and the impact of God’s Word in their lives will help these first graders reach the full potential that God has in store for them as they continue to grow and flourish in the years to come.

~ Sue Sutter, First Grade Teacher

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