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Praying for Others

Traci Brubaker ~ Grammar School Teacher

One of the desires of my heart this year has been to help my students see beyond the classroom to the world God is continually orchestrating. I say to them, “You may feel unworthy right at this moment, but the Lord is using You for His plans and purposes in mighty ways.” What better way to turn our eyes upon Jesus than to encourage others through prayer. One of our prayer partners this year has been Lt.Col Ken Crabtree. It began on Veteran’s Day. Little did we know the video we made in our classroom, thanking the Colonel for his service, would play a part in an ongoing prayer ministry for his family. Right after the video was sent, there was an attack near his base. People lost their lives, and once again, Colonel Crabtree and his family were faced with the realization that life is precious, and can never be taken for granted. When the class found out about these events, they were determined to pray for his safety and protection. A few weeks ago, Ken contacted me asking if he could visit because he had something to present to our class. The day of his visit, we recited our Logos Declaration and sang, “Proud to be an American.” I looked over and saw Colonel Crabtree had tears in his eyes. Our class really touched his heart knowing we believed in what God was doing for him and his family. After a time of sharing and questions, he raised out of a box the most beautiful plaque I have ever seen. Inside the plaque was a flag flown at the United States Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan on March 2, 2017. It stands for peace and was flown in honor of our classroom! So, I say to my dear friends….Don’t ever feel insignificant. There is no such term in the eyes of our Creator. He has intertwined His people, all the way across the oceans. Our students are learning so much every day about math, reading, science, and history. But, are also learning that they have a mission for the Lord and He will use them if they are a willing vessel.

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