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Trip to the Capitol

~ Mrs. Tanya Kellam, 6th Grade Teacher

On Wednesday, my 6th-grade class went to the state capitol building for a tour and to attend the 16th annual EITC (Educational Income Tax Credit) Birthday party.  Students learned about the importance of supporting funding efforts for diverse private institutions across the state and how it affords students to have a choice in education.  

Some of the student’s favorite highlights were standing at the table where many discussions and bills are signed by Governor Tom Wolf.  We were also fortunate to meet our local representative! Another exciting opportunity was that one of our fourth graders did the pledge of allegiance to open up the party!


Some students responses were…

“The capitol is so beautiful!”

“We are so happy we had an opportunity to visit the governor’s office.  It was amazing!”

“My favorite part was eating lunch on the state capitol lawn.”

“Thank you to Logos and everyone involved that gave us this opportunity to visit!”

“I didn’t realize how much an education costs.  I am so appreciative of getting such a great education as a result of the EITC.”

“When can we return?”  

Climbing the steps.

Students take in the foyer at the Capitol.

On a tour of the building.

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