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Logos Academy Receives Middle States Association Accreditation

We are pleased to share that Logos Academy has received official approval for accreditation from the well respected Middle States Association. This is a major milestone which speaks to the quality of the program, the integrity of the organizational structure, and the weight that a diploma from the school carries.

Working toward accreditation is no small project. Over the course of two years an extensive self-study was completed about virtually every aspect of the school. This included refining policies, improving curriculum, assessing instruction and, reviewing mission documents. Hundreds of pages of reporting and evidence documents were compiled and submitted in preparation for a visit by the Accreditation Review Committee. For several days these highly qualified individuals visited classrooms, reviewed business practices, and interviewed key stakeholders (parents, students, teachers, staff, and donors).  Overall, the goal is to assess the integrity of the institution and to verify that it is accomplishing its mission to serve students.  Following the initial review, of Logos Academy the Middle States committee shared a report that was read to the complete staff:

“Many schools claim to change lives; clearly Logos does change lives.” – Middle States Association Committee Oral Report

 Accreditation terms are seven years with a midpoint review every three years. Logos Academy is an urban, Kingdom school grounded in the love of Christ, that educates for excellence, offers opportunity, and cultivates hope in our community.  

Growing a Legacy – The Tall Oaks Foundation

The Foundation

At Logos Academy, our mission is to turn students from tiny acorns to mighty oaks. Grounded in the love of Christ we seek to form young men and women into leaders who display wisdom, virtue, and faith as they serve their community and the world. That is our legacy and it can be yours too.

Our First Fund

We believe that our students, no matter what their family income, should be given the opportunity to thrive in our vibrant learning community. For that reason, the first fund at the Tall Oaks Foundation is an endowed scholarship fund to benefit generations of Logos students to come.

Exploring the Options

We are happy to talk with you and/or your financial advisor about how you can make a meaningful contribution to this scholarship fund or even start your own named fund. Gifts of cash, stock, or real estate, including Logos in your will, making us the beneficiary of your IRA or life insurance policy are all possibilities that could be discussed as we work together to build the Tall Oaks legacy.

Contact us if you are interested in learning more! 

Otto Monroy, Director of Advancement – (717) 848-9835 or

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