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It’s Team Project Week!

What is Team Project Week?

Every year, our students in grades 6-12 take a week off from their traditional schedules to come together for Team Project Week – a week of experiential learning outside of the classroom. During Team Project Week, our students in grades 6-12 are mixed across grade level and assigned to one of 10 teams. Each team shares a common challenge, which students must collaborate together to overcome. These projects are kept a secret until they are revealed immediately before Team Project Week kicks off. 

What is this year’s project?

The theme of this year’s project is engineering. Each team will function as both an architectural firm and construction company. Teams will draw blueprints and build a model of a home with the hopes of being selected by a client. The project requires extensive student-led problem-solving and cooperation. Students must utilize digital technology, soft skills, and hands-on model building to be successful in the challenge. Additionally, models must be built to survive a shake table (earthquake simulation) prior to being presented to clients. Which homes will be left standing and earning the selection of our demanding clients? 

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