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Welcome our 2018-19 Logos Academy Student Ambassadors!

Pictured from left to right: Angel (11th), Nasei (9th), Admeishaa (12th), Tzipporah (10th), Arlette (10th), Brandon (11th), Laurali (10th), and Barbara (11th).

This past summer, the leadership team at Logos Academy cast a compelling vision to develop a program that would raise up student leaders to represent Logos Academy to our community, our donors, and our prospective families. Our dream was that this program would further the mission of Logos Academy while further developing our high school students, through intentional training and leadership development, to possess intelligence and character.

Over the past 5 months since that vision was cast, we have been working hard to develop and launch our first Logos Academy Student Ambassador Program! An ambassador is a representative of an individual or institution, and our students are now taking on that role for Logos Academy.

After several months of putting our vision into concrete plans, we launched the Student Ambassador Program, with an invitation to our 9th through 12th graders during Upper School Chapel. We asked them to consider applying, regardless of any hesitations they might have, and encouraged them that this role would be for them, even if they had never held a leadership role before. We had no idea what response we would get, and were elated when 20 students applied (representing just under half of our 9th through 12th grade student body). Several of the students have attended Logos Academy since their Kindergarten!

We asked our applicants to complete a lengthy application, detailing their academic and career goals, their hope for personal growth throughout the year, and the value that they see in this program, among other items. We were astounded and encouraged by what they wrote and the heart that they put into their applications.

After a multi-step process of testing and interviewing, we are pleased to announce that eight students have been accepted to serve as Logos Academy Student Ambassadors. These students will be joining in tours with donors and new families, representing Logos at various community events, and developing their rhetoric and leadership skills through four training and development sessions.

Along with their training and development sessions, here are just a few of the opportunities on the immediate horizon for them, with many more to follow:

Kindergarten Open House and Tours
20th Year Celebration
Tour De Logos

Please welcome our 2018-2019 Logos Academy Student Ambassadors!

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