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Schools Charter the Path to Leadership

Leaders Ignite Positive Change

Raising the next generation of children with an orientation to positive change can feel like a big challenge, especially for parents. We all want the best for our children, and we want them to make thoughtful choices in their lives. Ultimately, we hope that our sons and daughters will be the ones to bring positive change to the world. At Logos Academy, we believe that each person was created in the image of God and thus, each child has the ability to design and create. The arts (music, visual, and performing) are core courses in our classical curriculum. Our strong liberal arts experience nourishes minds well for the challenges of innovative design and making good choices.

Logos Academy is committed to equipping our students to be effective leaders and we begin these skills and attitudes as early as Kindergarten. It’s important to know how to serve others well and to use the abilities God has given to each of us for positive change in our communities.

This book identifies a new perspective of design-inspired leadership, described as “one of the most powerful ways to ignite positive change and address education challenges using the same design and innovation principles that have been so successful in private industry”. That concept is in sync with the Logos Academy mindset of equipping our young people with a focus on community and serving others well. When parents are considering great schools for their children, it’s important to identify the traits that actually result in lifelong learning and human formation.

Design Thinking for School Leaders explores the changing landscape of leadership and offers practical ways to reframe the role of school leader using Design Thinking, one step at a time.”


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