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Great Schools Encouraged by Student’s Love of Learning

Enriching Experiences to Prepare for Kindergarten

It’s easy to enrich your preschooler’s life and help them prepare to excel in Kindergarten at the same time. Many parents feel stress at the thought that their child might ‘not be ready’ to enter a great school at five years old. Relax and enjoy your children through these young years! The following article offers some practical ideas for enriching your soon-to-be Kindergartner’s life, reducing screen time and making some great memories together. You truly can introduce your preschooler to STEM concepts and keep their wonder of learning alive through your everyday interactions with them. Logos Academy values a child’s love of learning and we nurture this through our Christ-centered classical approach beginning in Kindergarten and continuing through twelfth grade. 

“Don’t get so hung up on feeling like you have to teach them. Just have an experience with them that’s tapping into the wonder of how math and science and engineering are all around us.”

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