Hello, and welcome to Logos Academy!

Logos Academy was founded in 1998 with 14 kindergarten and first-grade students, and has now grown to over 250 students in grades K-12. Students and families are welcomed regardless of faith or financial capacity. Last year, 99% of our students received tuition assistance from over $1.8 million in scholarships. Our goal is to make our learning community accessible to everyone.

Logos provides an ideal learning environment to help shape the lives of the children that we educate through the following:

Logos Academy is a registered, private school with the Pennsylvania Department of Education.  We are a Gospel-centered school not affiliated with any particular denomination or church.

With a focus on the liberal arts, Logos prepares students for life with a classical education that promotes thoughtful reflection and rich creativity.

Our demographic makeup is currently 42% Black/African American, 26% Latino/Hispanic, 18.5% Caucasian/White, 13% Multi-ethnic.

Our maximum class size is 18, with a current average class size of 14 students.

Logos Academy is run with the gospel of Jesus Christ at the center of all that we do. Our students are taught the love, mercy, and grace of their Father as they engage in meaningful study of the world around them, as they learn how to learn, and as they form their own opinions and defend them in a clear and respectful way. The rich and colorful learning that happens at Logos is no accident; it is by design, with a staff and faculty who are thoughtful, prayerful, and intentional in all that they do.

We feel it is a privilege to lead children into a world of discovery and growth in all areas of their lives — spiritual, educational, ethical, and emotional.

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