Logos Academy is a private school, registered with the Pennsylvania Department of Education, and accredited by the Middle States Association. Logos provides an ideal learning environment in small class sizes through the following five core distinctives.


We seek to know Jesus, be led by His Word and Spirit, and be shaped by the Gospel. We recognize Jesus as the King of all creation. This reality gives meaning and purpose to everything we do. We commit ourselves to showing respect (for God, people, education, and creation), taking responsibility, and seeking to repair the brokenness in our lives and in our world.


We recognize and celebrate diversity as a gift from God and a demonstration of God’s love for us. We value diversity in our students, families, staff, and city. God has brought us together from various cultural, socioeconomic, denominational, and educational backgrounds. Divided, we all become weakened and impoverished. Together, we are empowered and enriched, building bridges of brotherhood through the love of Christ.


We foster intentional community between our students, families, and staff. Logos Academy also strives to be a good neighbor to our broader community. Jesus commands us to love our neighbors and to seek the peace and prosperity of our city.


We cultivate students in the Classical tradition of education to become people of wisdom, grace, and virtue in service to God’s Kingdom. This time-tested approach to human formation fosters students who are effective communicators and creative, critical thinkers. As students develop a biblical worldview, they learn to love truth, beauty, and goodness.


We believe that a participatory family is critical to what we do during the school day. Parents and families are an essential part of the Logos Academy community, and we value each person’s involvement.


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