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education-philosophyLogos Academy educates for excellence, following best practices and research-based methods to ensure that our students are thoroughly prepared for college, career, and life. Our education cultivates students with a lifelong love for community, learning, and leadership in service of Christ and His kingdom.

Logos Academy holds to five core distinctives. We are Christ-centered, culturally diverse, community focused, and provide an enriching classical education, and build collaborative family partnerships. These distinctives inform and direct all areas of our curriculum and instruction. As a Christ-centered school, we rely on the Holy Spirit to help us point out and honor God’s goodness throughout every part of His creation and to shine the light of Christ into every corner of our existence.

As a culturally diverse school, we intentionally embrace and celebrate each of the many different stories and heritages that make up York City and the surrounding communities. As a community focused school, we cultivate the warm and well-ordered internal life of a vibrant learning community while also looking outward as a school that develops and relies on partnerships with many other organizations and individuals.

Logos Academy provides all students with a classical education, ensuring that our students develop life-long strengths as creative, critical, and caring thinkers and communicators. Students grow in all these areas through a deep engagement with the liberal arts (including grammar, logic, rhetoric, and Latin). To facilitate human connections between all academic disciplines and to cultivate a love of beauty and goodness, Logos Academy integrates visual and performing arts from diverse cultures throughout our K to 12 curriculum, both through our own arts faculty and curriculum as well as with resident artists and community partners. This classical Christian tradition of education relies on time-tested insights into human formation, emphasizing a holistic model of discipleship and mentoring that supports the student’s growth academically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Our faculty must meet and maintain rigorous requirements for education and certification or professional experience, as well as personal integrity and an active faith in Christ. Also, every faculty member at Logos Academy is trained in differentiated instruction to succeed with students across multiple learning styles as well as to address some special educational, emotional, and ELL needs. Logos Academy is committed to identifying and serving the specific needs of each student, working closely with parents and community partners to equip students for life through an excellent and vibrant education.

A child’s education is best done in full cooperation with the family. To that end, we seek to build strong, healthy, collaborative family partnerships. 

To read more about the important role we believe love plays in education, please read this piece written by our CEO, Aaron Anderson, titled “Love Can Heal Urban Education.”

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