Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

For graduation, Logos Academy’s full four-year course of high-school study requires (at a minimum):

  • 3 credits in both math and science:
    • algebra I, algebra II, and geometry are required (with further options of: pre-calculus, business finance, statistics, and calculus)
    • biology, chemistry, and physics are required (including 2 lab courses with further options of: robotics and astronomy)
  • 5 credits in English language arts: including rhetoric, literature, logic, and senior thesis
  • 4 credits in social studies: including history (U.S. and world), geography, and civics
  • 3 credits in Christian formation including Bible, Christian heritage, philosophy, and world religions
  • 2 credits in Spanish (with the option of up to four credits)
  • 2 credits in the fine arts: music, performing arts, or visual arts
  • 2 credits in health and PE
  • 0.5 credits in enrichment/elective courses
  • 24.5 total credit hours

For graduation, transfer students into Logos Academy’s high-school program must earn the following credits (at a minimum):

  • 3 credits in math: including algebra II and geometry
  • 4 credits in English: including rhetoric and literature components
  • 3 credits in science: including biology, chemistry, and physics (at least 2 lab courses)
  • 5 credits in social studies: including at least 3 credits history/civics/geography (both U.S. and world) as well as at least 2 credits in Bible and Christian heritage
  • 2 credits in foreign language: with both credits in the same language
  • 2 credits in the fine arts: music, performing arts, or visual arts
  • 1.5 credits in health and PE
  • 0.5 credits in enrichment courses
  • 21 total credit hours

Logos Academy’s four-year course of high school study exceeds all typical college admission requirements. Even our minimum requirements for transfer students either meets or exceeds all of these typical college admission requirements (certain colleges/universities have more rigorous requirements for certain majors/courses of study):

  • 3 or 4 English credits (including traditional courses such as speech, composition, and American or English literature)
  • 3 or 4 Math credits (typically with Algebra II and Geometry being required)
  • 3 Laboratory science credits (or more in a few cases and typically including biology, chemistry, and physics)
  • 3 Social studies or history credits: (typically including some U.S. history/civics and world history)
  • 2 Foreign language credits in the same foreign language (or more in a few cases)
  • 2 Fine art credits (including music, visual arts, and drama)


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