Logos Academy is recommended for accreditation with Middle States Association.

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Logos Academy community is a vibrant learning community. The vibrancy is a result of our historic commitment to being an urban, kingdom school that is Christ-centered, interculturally diverse and community focused.

Logos was created to serve families and students in need of a rich educational experience. Our open enrollment policy does not require students or families to articulate any faith commitment. Our faculty members are committed followers of Christ who come from diverse faith communities such as non-denominational, Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Presbyterian, Pentecostal, etc. Following the Spirit of Jesus Christ, we seek to love our neighbors as ourselves by offering a Christ-centered education that fosters wonder, creativity, insightfulness, rich dialogue, respect, responsibility, reconciliation, and service to the community. Our aim is to nurture students who are virtuous learners and lovers of truth, beauty and goodness.

The logical result of being a Christ-centered school is intercultural diversity. God is the Creator of the richly diverse human race and lover of all who does not show favoritism. Our school bylaws dictate that we create a healthy community that is both ethnically and socioeconomically diverse. We make Logos Academy accessible to everyone regardless of financial ability.

Our intercultural diversity is what drives our community focus. Families develop friendships with other families from different races and backgrounds. Ethnic foods are shared and discovered at community meals and picnics. In a small way, our school community is becoming a picture of the Kingdom of God. Our community focus is also external. We seek to be a good neighbor to our community, opening our doors for events and community activities. We are eager to help the downtown community thrive and grow so that all people benefit from the collective prosperity.

At Logos Academy, Christ is at the center of a group of diverse students, families and faculty. He is opening minds to understand His Word and His world, imparting wisdom to navigate life’s complexities, moving hearts to love God, sending us to care for one another, spurring us to grow in virtue, calling us to give their lives in sacrificial service, inviting us to experience abundant life of His kingdom in this age and the age to come. Logos Academy is a vibrant learning community.

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