School Profile

There are three distinctive pillars of Logos Academy, which set us apart from other schools:


  • We acknowledge that God is the author of all knowledge and wisdom.
  • We teach the humility that comes from an understanding of man’s sin and wickedness and the broken relationships that result from sin.
  • We teach the boldness that comes from understanding God’s love for us in that He did not allow our relationship with Him to remain severed, but sent His son, Jesus, to live a perfect life and die on our behalf so that we can have a repaired relationship with Him.

Culturally Diverse

  • We intentionally create an environment that is diverse both culturally and economically.
  • We teach students to respect and learn from one another’s cultures and to love one another as having been created in the image of God.
  • Our demographic makeup is currently 42% Black/African American, 26% Latino/Hispanic, 18.5% Caucasian/White, 13% Multi-ethnic.


  • We follow the natural, God-designed development of a child through the stages of learning.
  • Teach the nature and attributes of absolute truth, beauty, and goodness.
  • Incorporate elements of Classical literature, as well as Latin instruction.
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