Student Code of Conduct

At the heart of the Code of Conduct is a sincere desire to provide a true Christ-centered environment for education that honors Jesus Christ. We believe that such an environment will not only result in a love for God, but also a profound respect for the authority God has placed over us, our fellow classmates, and ourselves. Such an environment will allow administration, leadership, faculty, students, and visitors to walk more closely within the high calling we have in following and knowing Christ.

A Christ-centered community is one that promotes respect, responsibility for our actions, and the desire to repair that which is broken. It is a community where each individual is expected to live honorably and each individual is expected to encourage his/her peers to live honorably as well. A Christ-centered community is more than a commitment to follow a set of rules. It is the privilege of growing together in an honorable lifestyle that pleases God.

It is our hope, our desire, and our prayer that this commitment to an honorable lifestyle will far outlive a student’s time at Logos Academy. We hope that our students will see the benefits of an honorable lifestyle and allow the basic principles of the Code of Conduct to govern all aspects of their lives.

Student Involvement

The Logos Academy Code of Conduct is primarily student driven. Students must play a significant role in the enforcement of this code. Not only are we asking students to live by the code, they will also be expected to hold each other accountable to follow the code.

The Code of Conduct is intended to be a positive reinforcement to a student’s life, not a negative burden. It is worded, structured, and enforced to encourage students to live with honor, integrity, and Christian character. Ultimately, the strength and success of the Code of Conduct rests with our students’ commitment to abide by it and their willingness to hold each other accountable.

Foundational Expectations and Infractions

It is our desire to provide a safe and orderly environment where students can learn academically, emotionally, and spiritually. A well-disciplined school creates the best environment for learning. As a school that is accountable to God and parents, these guidelines provide order to the whole community and to the lives of our students.

As a Christ-centered community, each member is expected to follow these biblical principles for success:

  • I will show respect.
  • I will take responsibility.
  • I will seek to repair.


  • Students will show respect to those in authority.
  • Students will show respect to their peers.
  • Students will show respect for each subject area and discipline as an opportunity to learn and grow together.
  • Students will respect our school building and all other resources.


  • Students will take responsibility for their actions.
  • Students will take responsibility to be prepared for class and complete assignments on time.
  • Students will take responsibility to clean up after themselves.


  • Students will seek to repair any broken relationship between peers, faculty, and staff.
  • Students will seek to repair any damage that is caused to our school building or property.

See our Family Handbook on our Family Resources page for full details.

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