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Welcome our 2018-19 Logos Academy Student Ambassadors!

Pictured from left to right: Angel (11th), Nasei (9th), Admeishaa (12th), Tzipporah (10th), Arlette (10th), Brandon (11th), Laurali (10th), and Barbara (11th).

This past summer, the leadership team at Logos Academy cast a compelling vision to develop a program that would raise up student leaders to represent Logos Academy to our community, our donors, and our prospective families. Our dream was that this program would further the mission of Logos Academy while further developing our high school students, through intentional training and leadership development, to possess intelligence and character.

Over the past 5 months since that vision was cast, we have been working hard to develop and launch our first Logos Academy Student Ambassador Program! An ambassador is a representative of an individual or institution, and our students are now taking on that role for Logos Academy.

After several months of putting our vision into concrete plans, we launched the Student Ambassador Program, with an invitation to our 9th through 12th graders during Upper School Chapel. We asked them to consider applying, regardless of any hesitations they might have, and encouraged them that this role would be for them, even if they had never held a leadership role before. We had no idea what response we would get, and were elated when 20 students applied (representing just under half of our 9th through 12th grade student body). Several of the students have attended Logos Academy since their Kindergarten!

We asked our applicants to complete a lengthy application, detailing their academic and career goals, their hope for personal growth throughout the year, and the value that they see in this program, among other items. We were astounded and encouraged by what they wrote and the heart that they put into their applications.

After a multi-step process of testing and interviewing, we are pleased to announce that eight students have been accepted to serve as Logos Academy Student Ambassadors. These students will be joining in tours with donors and new families, representing Logos at various community events, and developing their rhetoric and leadership skills through four training and development sessions.

Along with their training and development sessions, here are just a few of the opportunities on the immediate horizon for them, with many more to follow:

Kindergarten Open House and Tours
20th Year Celebration
Tour De Logos

Please welcome our 2018-2019 Logos Academy Student Ambassadors!

Logos Academy Students Join Community Conversation on Race

Logos Academy seniors and Mr. D with key speakers, Dr. Monea Abdul-Majeed, Racial Justice Coordinator, YWCA York and Jamiel Alexander, Aspen Institute: Forum for Community Solutions Senior Fellow

Conversations about race, racism, and social justice are challenging and messy, yet critically relevant.

On October 16th, nine of our seniors joined 80 other students from schools across York County for the YWCA’s annual Leadership Summit: Dialogue on Race. The Leadership Summit, held at York College, allows students a safe place to discuss and think through these issues. During the time together, they gained a better appreciation for how our society, including family, social media and other media outlets, has shaped our views. Students and educators are encouraged to reflect on their own implicit biases, while acquiring the tools to bring about transformation in their areas of influence.

Mr. Desmarais, Logos Academy’s upper school literature teacher, finds great value in such discussions, and was eager to bring his students to this annual event for the second year in a row. “The community of York and the greater American community struggle with racial discourse,” says Mr. Desmarais. “One of the goals of my senior level literature course, Voices from the Margins: Multicultural American Literature, is to create a space to have these challenging discussions in a way that embodies the principles of the Gospel. As followers of Christ, we are called to do the challenging work of racial reconciliation. We can only work towards this goal through recognizing how privilege manifests itself in society today, and addressing both interpersonal and structural racism.”

Students were divided into four large groups to discuss one of four different case studies that revealed implicit bias, privilege, and microaggressions: Trayvon Martin, 9/11, Hurricane Maria, and the film Black Panther. Led by select community leaders, students candidly shared, learned, and grew from the dialogues that ensued.

“It was very eye opening to hear everybody else’s views on race and how we should fix it,” says Jayden, one of our seniors that attended. “It was helpful to hear other ideas from other students in other schools of how they have worked to fix racism in their schools.”

Logos Academy is thankful to be a school full of cultural and ethnic diversity. We believe that God is the Creator of the diverse world He has gifted to us, and we embrace and celebrate the many different stories and heritages that make up York City and the surrounding communities. Still, we do not take our diversity for granted and are aware that the dialogue will continue as we seek to explore ways to empower our youth in the challenges they face.

We are grateful that the YWCA values young leaders in our school communities and offers these students a thoughtful experience that promotes change.

“It was a good experience to learn about different schools and their cultures and how Logos is different in that we can discuss issues related to race in ways that other schools cannot. The sessions provided a good opportunity to discuss race and to dig deeper to seek solutions.” -Zakeera, Logos Academy senior

See abc27’s coverage of the event here!

Tall Oaks Foundation


At Logos Academy, our goal is to create lasting change in the lives of students. Since we opened our doors 20 years ago, we have built a strong tradition of providing substantial scholarships that open the door of opportunity for our students, through partnerships with our community. As part of that journey, we are now launching the Tall Oaks Foundation at Logos Academy–an endowed fund to provide scholarships for generations of students. We invite you to come alongside us by considering how you might make a lasting contribution!

The Foundation
At Logos Academy, our mission is to grow students from tiny acorns to mighty oaks. Grounded in the love of Christ we seek to form young men and women into leaders who display wisdom, virtue, and faith as they serve their community and the world. Now, you can include our students in your legacy too. The Tall Oaks Foundation at Logos Academy provides the opportunity to make a lasting impact for our students through legacy and gift planning.

Lasting Impact
We know that as a donor, you are an investor, and investors want the most for their hard earned dollars. If you have been blessing our students with an annual gift, why not consider contributing to an endowed fund to make that gift go on FOREVER.

Endow Your Annual Gift
The Acorn Scholarship Fund is set up for those that want to make a lasting contribution at Logos Academy. Let’s say you give $200 a year to our students. Establishing a $4,000 fund allows you to contribute $200 annually FOREVER. Works for any size gift.
Annual gift x 20 = Annual gift FOREVER

Named Scholarship Fund
Making a truly memorable and significant gift is not out of reach. Set up a fund of $25,000+ and we will name that fund in your honor benefiting Logos students in a big way for generations.

How to Make it Happen
There are lots of ways to build your endowed fund. Here are some of the most common:

• Write Us In Your Will – Set a percentage or dollar amount to benefit students
• Multi Year Pledge – Give over several years above and beyond your annual gift
• Life Insurance – Set us as a beneficiary to your policy
• IRA’s – Save on taxes by giving your minimum distribution OR set us as a beneficiary
• Stocks – Save on capital gains tax when you donate appreciated stock
• Special Gift – Set up your fund when you receive an inheritance, bonus, or sell a business.

It All Starts with the Acorn
We know that growing a student from an acorn to an oak takes time and intentionality. Growing a fund that benefits students for generations to come takes the same care. Just like a small acorn has great potential so does a conversation exploring your legacy giving options.

Contact us!
Joanne Shannon – Advancement Officer
(717) 848-9835


Kids Should Learn Love of Community Early

Schools should be doing everything they can to teach to be community minded at an early age. I was moved and impressed recently as I read the numerous applications we received from high school students who applied to become Logos Academy Student Ambassadors. We created this new program to develop leadership skills in students and to assist the school in utilizing student representatives. Almost every application spilled over with comments about their desire to serve the community, to help other people, and to make their corner of the world a better place.

This is in striking contrast to an article in a Stanford journal encouraging MBA grad programs to teach students the importance of caring about community. This article was written in response to the numerous public scandals of business leaders who conducted their business in unethical ways that harmed employees and communities. Can we really afford to wait until grad school to correct the years of malformation that is ingrained in students due to a win at any cost mindset prevalent in our nation?

One of the core distinctives of Logos Academy is that we are a Community Minded school. We believe that love of community should be instilled early in children, that God calls us to sacrifice and serve for the good of others. Our communities can’t afford to wait to teach the importance of caring about community until select students heading toward business leadership and power are in MBA programs.

Rev. Aaron J. Anderson


Logos Academy Opens Affiliate in Harrisburg


Logos Academy is pleased to announce a formal affiliation with New City School in Harrisburg, PA. New City School will officially be operating its kindergarten and future K-12 program as “Logos Academy Harrisburg.” We are pleased to affiliate with an institution that shares our vision to develop students of intelligence and character. Logos Academy Harrisburg will begin with one kindergarten class and will add an additional class each year, expanding the number of students to be served in Harrisburg.

“For 20 years, Logos Academy has operated a different type of private school, one that opens access for all of York’s young people to a high-quality, Christ-centered education regardless of a family’s income. We are excited to see 100% of our graduates being accepted into the college of their choice. The launch of Logos Academy Harrisburg is a promising sign that more families can be served, so that students achieve their full potential of “intelligence plus character,” said Logos Academy CEO Aaron Anderson.


Logos Academy Harrisburg’s First Kindergarten Class


Textbooks Over Screen Time

What constitutes a healthy and balanced amount of screen time? The use of technology in education is a hot topic. Logos Academy offers a Christ centered, Classical education that cultivates students to be humans who possess intelligence plus character. Are we giving careful thought to the ways technology shapes and forms us as human beings?

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Collaborative Family Partnerships Help Kids Learn

Logos Academy believes strongly in the power of COLLABORATIVE FAMILY PARTNERSHIPS. We honor and uphold the primary role God has given to parents to raise and disciple their children. To that end, we seek to work together with families to nurture the whole child-intellectual, social, emotional, and spiritual. Instead of keeping parents at arms length, we desire for our teachers and staff to build healthy relationships of love and respect with both the student and their family. Teachers visit the homes of their students one time each year with the goal of building these partnerships. The following article talks more deeply about the benefits of such interaction.

READ MORE: Can Inviting Teachers Over to Your Home Improve how Kids Learn?




Back to School and our 20th Year Anniversary!

Today is our first day of school at Logos Academy! We have a fun tradition of giving joyful high fives and cheering students into the building. Something, however, is different about this first day of school!

There are seasons in life when a particular moment seems like a big step forward-like the first day of school for a Kindergarten student or the the day parents drop a young adult off at college. These significant milestones mark a coming of age and a new chapter in life. This morning, 280 K-12 students came in our front doors and were warmly welcomed by our staff, faculty, and community members. Parents watched with mixed emotions as another step in their child’s journey was taken.  

Today was one of those significant steps in the journey of Logos Academy. Twenty years ago, we opened our doors to 14 Kindergarten and first grade students. The school was an idea in the making and there were questions to be answered. Would it be possible to offer an excellent Christ-centered education to students in York, most of whom would require significant scholarship based on their family’s income? Would parents trust a small start up school with their child’s future? Would donors risk their hard earned dollars on an uncertain venture? On that first day of school twenty years ago, the question on co-founder Traci Foster’s mind was “would they come and take that risk?” They did. They came with high hopes and they still come with the hope of students becoming young people who possess intelligence plus character.

While much has changed and matured over twenty years at Logos Academy, the important things are still the same. We still believe that an excellent Christ-centered education should be available to every student in our community regardless of their family’s income. Together, we partner with parents from diverse economic and cultural backgrounds to do what is best for their child. Generous donors stand alongside our families to provide the funding to cover the cost to educate after the family has contributed as much as they are able. Over two decades, this has become a sacred tradition at Logos Academy.

This fall, we plan to celebrate. We hope you will follow along to read stories from our history and attend our 20th year celebration in November. More information is on the way.

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