Back to School and our 20th Year Anniversary!

Today is our first day of school at Logos Academy! We have a fun tradition of giving joyful high fives and cheering students into the building. Something, however, is different about this first day of school!

There are seasons in life when a particular moment seems like a big step forward-like the first day of school for a Kindergarten student or the the day parents drop a young adult off at college. These significant milestones mark a coming of age and a new chapter in life. This morning, 280 K-12 students came in our front doors and were warmly welcomed by our staff, faculty, and community members. Parents watched with mixed emotions as another step in their child’s journey was taken.  

Today was one of those significant steps in the journey of Logos Academy. Twenty years ago, we opened our doors to 14 Kindergarten and first grade students. The school was an idea in the making and there were questions to be answered. Would it be possible to offer an excellent Christ-centered education to students in York, most of whom would require significant scholarship based on their family’s income? Would parents trust a small start up school with their child’s future? Would donors risk their hard earned dollars on an uncertain venture? On that first day of school twenty years ago, the question on co-founder Traci Foster’s mind was “would they come and take that risk?” They did. They came with high hopes and they still come with the hope of students becoming young people who possess intelligence plus character.

While much has changed and matured over twenty years at Logos Academy, the important things are still the same. We still believe that an excellent Christ-centered education should be available to every student in our community regardless of their family’s income. Together, we partner with parents from diverse economic and cultural backgrounds to do what is best for their child. Generous donors stand alongside our families to provide the funding to cover the cost to educate after the family has contributed as much as they are able. Over two decades, this has become a sacred tradition at Logos Academy.

This fall, we plan to celebrate. We hope you will follow along to read stories from our history and attend our 20th year celebration in November. More information is on the way.

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