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As we enter the Fall season, it is clear that 2020 has brought many unexpected realities. Back in January, after more than a year of preparation, we went public with a capital campaign and construction project aimed at making an excellent Christ-centered education at Logos Academy accessible to more students than ever.

Before the pandemic effectively shut down activity on March 13, generous donors had committed approximately $3.75 million dollars toward the effort. Shortly after, it became apparent that the wisest course of action was to pause the campaign and reassess. 

In the ensuing months, the needs we set out to address have only become greater as COVID-19 has struck hardest at those who struggle most to obtain educational opportunity. 

A Phased Approach to Our Project 

As we’ve taken the time to consider the best course of action, we’ve determined that a phased approach to our project is the best way to deliver on our missional commitments to our students, navigate the economic uncertainty, and fulfill the intent of our donors. 

We see these steps ahead: 

  1. Repositioning – Adjust the vision, timeline, design, and financial parameters of the project addressing the new landscape and reducing organizational risk for the sake of sustainability. (Now through the end of  2020) 
  2. Construction Phase I – Using funds already secured as well as new gifts and pledges initiated before the end of the year, renovate the existing structure at 255 West King Street.  This phase will have an estimated budget of 4.25 million dollars and complete the section of the campus expansion that  houses most of the academic instructional spaces providing substantial benefits to our high school students. (Calendar year 2021)  
  3. Construction Phase II – Add a new section to the building at 255 West King Street, featuring a wellness and physical education center, student commons, and specially designed areas to be used for social enterprise ventures and expanded workforce development programs. The needed 4.5 million in funding will  be raised through business investments, charitable gifts, New Market Tax Credit allocation and potentially a RCAP grant. (2022 and beyond)

More About the Campaign

Intelligence Plus Character For Over 20 Years

For 20 years, generous supporters have funded Logos Academy’s unique brand of Christ-centered education that focuses on total human formation through high-quality academics. At Logos Academy, students grow to become leaders who possess intelligence plus character. Imagine how bright our community’s future will be as more future leaders are equipped with skills, learning, faith, integrity, respect, love of community, a spirit of service, and the acumen to sustain successful careers.

Logos Academy has developed a reputation of achieving success with students who have some of the greatest
needs. We serve a diverse community of 250 students in Kindergarten through 12th grade across all income levels.
A full 2/3 of these students live at or below the federal poverty level. The average student receives $7,450 in annual
scholarship funding. Every family pays tuition according to their financial means.

“You have an extraordinarily effective program here at Logos Academy…Many schools claim to change lives; clearly Logos Academy does change lives.”
– Academic Review Panel, Middle States Association

Our world needs people who possess intelligence and character. Orienting young minds toward lifelong personal growth and selfless service for the common good is critical to developing the economic and social stability of York. We believe this process is best started in Kindergarten, not in high school. Guided by our Christ-centered identity, Logos Academy is a welcoming school that embraces all students. We seek to be a safe space for students to learn critical thinking and intentional respectful dialogue around our community’s greatest challenges.

Why Expand Logos Academy Now?

In 2011, Logos Academy officially launched our high school program allowing us to serve students all the way through graduation. Within our current K-8 facility, this program quickly consumed all of our available space. Our growing pains are real. We have unfortunately had to cut back on the growth of our lower school program. This is counterproductive to our goal of reaching students as early as possible. In the long term, this has serious consequences. Waitlists have been the norm over the past several years. Our high school has matured needing dedicated space to thrive and grow. Families are applying for Kindergarten years in advance.

For a Greater Impact

Generous donors have helped us secure the real estate located across the street from our current property. The expansion will include a building renovation of the former Moore Cadillac dealership at 255 W. King Street and the construction of a multipurpose facility at 243 W. King Street. It will provide much needed space for high school instruction, our health and physical education program serving K-12 students, and community space that will be available for events and meetings. We will gain instructional space for visual arts, a fully equipped science lab, and additional office spaces. Furthermore, a full 10 classrooms will be gifted back to 250 W King Street, allowing us to serve more students.

Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic our campus expansion project must continue to fulfill the commitments we have made to our students and to address the growing demand.

We Need You!

Thank you to the following committees: 

Honorary Committee
Anthony P. Campisi, Co-Chair
Bishop Carl. H. Scott, Co-Chair
Robert Bossert, Co-Chair
Chandra and Lou Appell
J. William Warehime Foundation
Edwin and Traci Foster
Connie and Robert Rae
John Davis and Dr. Marsha Bornt
David and Barbara Hogg
Steering Committee
Todd and Delaine Toerper, Co-Chairs
Adam and Brooke Say
Natalee Colon
Kervin Myer
Carlos Kelly
Eve Gardner
Gladys Dyson
Laura Kadyszewski
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