Celebrating Mexico and Peru!

As a culturally diverse learning community, here at Logos Academy we believe that who you learn with matters. Because of that, we intentionally recognize and celebrate cultural diversity within our curriculum.

Every year, first grade spends the year studying each of the continents. At the end of each continent study, they celebrate with a cultural festival. On that day, they dress up in costumes, do international dances, eat food and play games from other countries, and have guests visit and share about their own heritage and travels around the world!

It is often a highlight for our students to see their cultural heritage or family celebrated. Throughout the year, as they learn about each continent, they create a project that will go into their portfolio to take home at the end of the school year.

In November, Ryan and Ivette Nelson, friends of Logos Academy, visited first grade to celebrate Mexico and Peru! As part of the festivities, the students dressed up in sombreros and ponchos, danced the Samba, and had a taco party. Ivette shared about Mexico, where she was born, and Ryan shared about the two years he spent living in Peru. They prepared a PowerPoint presentation highlighting foods, sports, houses, animals, weather, tourist sites, etc. The students were even gifted with a traditional Mexican candy!

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