Class of 2018 Trip to Chicago

Each year, our senior class has the opportunity to participate in the senior trip. The goal of our senior trip is to provide a rich, cultural experience in a first-class American city with the same community of learners with whom students have shared the classroom during their High School years at Logos Academy. We seek to enrich and deepen ideas that students have encountered in our curriculum through the exposure and experience of art, music, history, architecture, and the food of a great place outside of our home community in York County. This trip is the culmination of a student’s experience in our vibrant learning community. Just this month, our Seniors traveled to Chicago for three and a half days. We enjoyed great food and a variety of cultural experiences including the Shedd Aquarium and performances from the Blue Man Group and Hamilton. Here are two reflections for this year’s trip:

“The senior trip was an amazing experience that was filled with amazing activities all around Chicago. The flight to Chicago was an easy one and a half hour flight. After getting off of the plane, we used public transportation, which let us see a lot of the city! My two favorite things in Chicago were Hamilton and the food! The food was absolutely amazing, I cannot get over how good the pizza was. Hamilton was also a great experience. The show brought Alexander Hamilton’s life to reality. Last year in history class we listened to Hamilton and learned about him, but actually seeing the show in person is something that I will never forget! Thank you all for helping us go on this trip! It was truly unforgettable!”  – Ellis Anderson


“Ah, the ever-so-famous senior trip! An experience cloaked in allure, wonder, and fear. What will the flight be like? Will I arrive safely? Will the bathrooms and bedrooms be dirty? How much money should I bring? Will this be an experience that I will always remember? Well, I am glad to say that the flight was safe, the bathrooms and bedrooms were clean, I brought enough money, and I will always remember this experience. I appreciated the work put into finding the place that we stayed at. The place was basically a very comfortable lounge. Watching late night television with my friends and eating a freshly cooked breakfast in the lounge brought us closer together. I enjoyed the deliciousness of all the meals from the fine Ethiopian cuisine, the finger-licking Mexican food, and my new found love, the Portobello Mushroom Burger and Cajun Fries from Big & Littles. The food was so good, I was practically reduced to tears when I came home and had to make myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I will remember the walking around and sightseeing. I will remember boarding the trains and buses with my friends. I will remember tasting and reviewing different foods with my friends. I will remember the smell of history, fine architecture, dust, and slight-cluttered buildings in Chicago. Two of the best memories were seeing the Blue Man Group and experiencing a strobe light party and an audience participation experience that will likely haunt Mrs. Clark for the rest of her life. I will also remember dressing up and getting to witness Hamilton with my own eyes. Our class’s familiarity with Hamilton is thanks to our last year’s history class. Seeing the play in person was a culmination of so much of our knowledge and anticipations. I enjoyed the senior trip so much and I would advise every future senior to attend it.” – Reuel Goins

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    Love me some Logos…….Congratulations Seniors …YOUR BLESSED!!!!

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