Bus eligibility is determined by each individual district. Bus arrangements DO NOT carry over from year to year. A new bus form must be completed and returned prior to the start of the next school year (July 1). If bus transportation is requested after the start of school, please allow up to a week for arrangements to be made.

Please click below on the district in which the student resides to access the school district’s bus form. You may either print the form to complete it and return it back to school (by email, mail, or in person), or if completing on a computer, you can complete the form directly online, save it, and email it to admins@logosyork.org. Return the completed bus form to Logos Academy. We will then communicate with the bus company to make arrangements for the student.

Central School District 21.22 (717-846-6789)
Dallastown School District 21.22 (717-244-4021)
Dover School District 21.22 (717-292-3671)
Eastern School District 21.22 (717-252-1555)
Northeastern School District 21.22 (717-266-3667)
Red Lion School District 21.22 (717-244-4518)
Suburban School District 21.22 (717-885-1131)
Spring Grove School District 21.22 (717-225-4731)
West York School District Online Form 21.22 (717-792-4046)
York City School District 21.22 (717-849-1232)

If your school district is not listed, please contact their bus department to determine eligibility.

Other after school transportation is also available in conjunction with after school care from the following organizations. Please contact their office to make arrangements, and notify the school once arrangements have been made.

Crispus Attucks (717-718-9620)
Fairview Early Learning Center and Community Center (717-900-1962)
Lighthouse Youth Program (717-845-2721)
Lots of Love (717-848-1611)
PA Prep (717-900-7737)
Sunshine Day Care (717-848-5811)
YMCA (717-843-7884)
YWCA (717-767-1467)

If you have any questions, please contact admins@logosyork.org.

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