Head of School Update – Summer 2017

The start of the 2017-18 academic year is upon us and it is looking to be an exciting one. On August 22nd we will open the doors to approximately 275 students in grades K-12. We will graduate our fourth, and largest class of seniors. This fall we should receive our formal accreditation from Middle States.

In addition, we are tackling exciting expansion questions. This year, we will be exploring the options of expanding our facilities in the coming years to include more classroom space, a playground, and a gym space. We have also entered into discussions with other parties about their desire to see Logos Academy in urban centers like Harrisburg and Lancaster.

The excitement and demand for a high quality, affordable, Christ-centered education is real. We have felt that acutely in the last few months. We are entering the coming school year with waiting lists in multiple classes. This is due in part to classes being full and also to scholarship funds being limited.

At the beginning of last school year, we granted over $2M in scholarships to students in need. As the year came to a close, we had failed to raise enough in donations to fully fund those scholarships. Simply put, scholarship demand outpaced our fundraising efforts. Due to this shortfall, we did implement a 10% targeted budget reduction for the coming school year. Part of this reduction means serving fewer students. We are enrolling one kindergarten class this year instead of the two classes that have been our norm. We are eager to open up that second kindergarten class once adequate scholarship funding is in place.

This walk of faith has been the norm at Logos Academy for our first 20 years. Did you catch that? This year is Logos Academy’s 20th year of serving students in York! Our faculty and staff continue to evidence their steadfast commitment to our mission by responding to this time of pruning with graciousness, humility, and faith. We are hopeful that this moment will serve to make us stronger for the next 20 years of growth and expansion.

The people I talk to around the country marvel at what we do at Logos Academy. They have a hard time fathoming how we provide millions in scholarship support in a relatively small community. While we know the work is the hand of God, we are keenly aware that He has chosen to use the generosity of people like you.

Our community of donors makes this possible. Logos Academy is not funded in the same way as public and charter schools. Unlike other private schools, we are not funded primarily by tuition either. Instead, we are a private school heavily funded by donor support that enables us to serve a very high percentage of students who would ordinarily not be able to afford a high-quality, private education. Your financial support is the lifeblood of our mission.

We hope you will once again take part in our vibrant learning community this school year.  

God’s blessings in Christ,


Rev. Aaron J. Anderson

CEO & Head of School

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