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Aaron AndersonIn case you were not watching, our country just went through an election:) The last two years have been an ugly and divisive time for our nation. The reality is that Christians are also very divided at this moment.

Now is the time for the people of Christ to join together to work out our unity in the Spirit. Our unity is not centered on the politics of a party or any other worldly ideology, but only on the person of Jesus Christ who is seated at the right hand of God far above all powers and principalities. His Holy Spirit holds us together as one body.

I would like to offer some thoughts for how the Logos community might live out its Christ-centered, Spirit-led identity and be a light of unity in this time of division.

  1. Donald J. Trump is now our President-elect. 1 Timothy 2:1-3 tells us that we ought to pray for our governing authorities. Romans 13 reminds us that all authorities have been established by God. I remember speaking in chapel at Logos Academy eight years ago when President Obama was elected. Many Christians were excited and others were distraught. My message at that chapel is the same as today: the Lord is in control. He holds the hearts of kings in His hands and directs them like the waters (Proverbs 21). Christians should pray for our leaders, all of them.
  2. Your family and friends are either excited or distraught today. Our students and families are in the same place. Please be sensitive to the fact that we will likely have students who are scared by the reality of some of the proposals that were discussed during the election. Remind them that regardless who occupies worldly thrones, the Throne of Heaven is occupied by a Savior who loves them, died for them, lives for them, protects them, and rules for them.
  3. Remind your friend, family members and our students of God’s call to Christian service, of the value of civic life, and the importance of being a good citizen. They should be reminded their civic contribution is not in vain and that meaningful work for God’s kingdom is often right in front of us in our local community.
  4. Don’t allow politics to override friendships and the familial relation we enjoy in Christ. Don’t judge another brother or sister on how they voted. Many, many people were very torn in this election and saw their choice as the “lesser of two evils”. That was true on both sides of the aisle. If you are tempted to judge a brother or sister, then don’t ask how they voted. That is probably a good rule for us all.

God is on His throne and He has given us incredible work to do in shaping the hearts and lives of 290 students. Let us keep our hand on the plow and go to work in God’s field today with singular focus on serving Jesus.

Blessings in Christ,

Aaron J. Anderson
CEO/Head of School
Logos Academy

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  1. Montika Smith

    Beautifully said. Thank you. You said what I have been trying to convey to friends and family members. Beautiful!!!!

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