Kids Should Learn Love of Community Early

Schools should be doing everything they can to teach to be community minded at an early age. I was moved and impressed recently as I read the numerous applications we received from high school students who applied to become Logos Academy Student Ambassadors. We created this new program to develop leadership skills in students and to assist the school in utilizing student representatives. Almost every application spilled over with comments about their desire to serve the community, to help other people, and to make their corner of the world a better place.

This is in striking contrast to an article in a Stanford journal encouraging MBA grad programs to teach students the importance of caring about community. This article was written in response to the numerous public scandals of business leaders who conducted their business in unethical ways that harmed employees and communities. Can we really afford to wait until grad school to correct the years of malformation that is ingrained in students due to a win at any cost mindset prevalent in our nation?

One of the core distinctives of Logos Academy is that we are a Community Minded school. We believe that love of community should be instilled early in children, that God calls us to sacrifice and serve for the good of others. Our communities can’t afford to wait to teach the importance of caring about community until select students heading toward business leadership and power are in MBA programs.

Rev. Aaron J. Anderson


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