Medical Forms/Policies

The following forms are required on or before the last day of school in order for Logos Academy to make a decision about our ability to care for your student’s medical needs for the next school year:

A new Medication Administration Consent & Medication Order form must be completed each year. Please remember that this documentation must be kept up-to-date throughout the school year in order for us to serve your student.

At the end of the school year, medication is required to be picked up by a parent/guardian or it will be destroyed. The medication can not be sent home with your student.  New medication must be provided to the front desk by a parent/guardian at the start of the school year.

Thank you for adhering to our health/medical policies as found in the Family Handbook. Please note the following important reminders:

A student must remain home for 24 hours after:

  • A fever of 99.9 or higher (24 hours from the time the fever broke and student was without medicine for fever reduction)
  • Beginning treatment or antibiotics for any contagious diagnosis (i.e., Strep throat, conjunctivitis/“pink eye,” etc.)
  • Vomiting/Diarrhea has occurred in school due to objective signs of illness (with or without fever)

Upon receiving a phone call from the school office for any kind of illness or suspicion of illness, parents/guardians must pick up their students immediately.

Logos Academy does not employ a school nurse, but does care for minor injuries or discomforts. We also support the health care needs of students (with documentation noted above) in keeping with our school policies.

In case of emergency, the school’s procedure is to contact a parent or guardian at home, on a mobile phone, or at work. If unable to reach either guardian, we will contact the next emergency contact listed. If the emergency is serious enough, we will call 911, and Logos Academy is not financially responsible for any emergency care or transportation of the enrolled child.

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