Meet Graham

GrahamGraham came to Logos Academy in 7th grade after tumultuous years at both suburban private and public schools. Although his IQ was very high, he struggled to learn in these educational settings, especially when it came to math. His teacher at Logos worked with him, encouraged him, supported and loved him through that challenging 7th grade year. She provided hope and opportunity that ultimately provided Graham with an excellent education. On the last day of school that year, Graham gave her a note thanking her for helping him fight his fear and learn to like math. Now in 11th grade, he has consistent A’s in advanced math, but more importantly, he knows that he can do it. He sees himself as a scholar, eager to learn and and see the beauty in the world. Graham is a photographer and musician and shares those talents with Logos. The Vibrant Learning Community at Logos gave him that gift that he will carry with him.


  1. Veronics Gemma


  2. Tod McNally

    With out a doubt Graham has flourished at Logos Academy. Not only academicly, but as a person as well . He has developed a personality that is his own, added to his artistic talents the future looks very encouraging ! It is a pleasure to be his buddy and grandfather.

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