Parents and Families


Logos Academy is accredited by the Middle States Association.




Parents and families are an essential part of the Logos community.  Because we believe that a participatory family is only going to build on what we do during the school day, all families are required to complete 10 hours of volunteer time each year.  There are many opportunities for service, and we value each person’s involvement in the community at Logos Academy.

Please complete the Family Volunteer Registration form HERE.

Logos Academy Community Life

Logos Academy is a community school, embracing families and respecting the essential role that partnering with parents plays in securing healthy outcomes for our students. Families are active and involved in school life.

All parents are required to complete volunteer hours each school year. There are numerous opportunities to volunteer both in and out of the classroom. To learn more about volunteer opportunities, contact Nancy Snyder at or call 717-848-9835, ext. 136.

Parent Ambassadors
This group of dedicated parents serves our school as representatives from each of our classrooms. They exist to benefit our school by organizing events, acting as hosts for various activities and encouraging community among the parents at each grade level. If you are interested in serving on this team or finding out more information, please contact Nancy Snyder at or call 717-848-9835, ext. 136.

Logos Academy teaches students to respect others and work cooperatively in our vibrant community. Fighting, hazing, and bullying (including cyber bullying through any public postings outside of school) conflict with our mission as a Christ-centered school. Whenever possible, students who fight, haze, or bully are restored to peaceable relationships through consequences that are in keeping with the serious nature of such offenses. If students refuse those restorative efforts, they may be expelled. 

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