Christmas is the season where God asks us to believe the inconceivable. Logos Academy is proof that God makes inconceivable dreams come to life.  

For many families in our nation who live in our nation who live in the wrong zip code a world-class education is unattainable. Logos Academy stands as a signpost that God is able to defy the odds.

Logos Academy is on the verge of completing a $10M expansion to our campus that will double our student capacity to over 450+ students! This year, we are launching The Fund for Educational Equity, a 10-year, $20M effort to offer our current students, as well as an additional 200 students, a Logos Academy education. We are eager to enroll 200 new students from families whose experience says a world-class education is unattainable.

Will you join us in making the inconceivable a reality for families in York by making a generous contribution to The Fund for Educational Equity?

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