Covid Response Fund

Logos Academy’s thin budget margins will not be able to absorb over $100,000 dollars in additional expenses to meet the needs of our students during COVID-19. We must invest in: 

  • Every learning space must be adjusted for social distancing. Common spaces also have to be reconfigured for the same.
  • New fixtures and temporary storage of furniture are needed.
  • Thorough and more frequent cleaning measures must be implemented. Including expansion of our cleaning contract and support to hire a custodian for mid-day cleaning.
  • Supplies such as masks, shields, hand sanitizing stations have to be acquired.
  • A vast amount of new technology has been acquired to help our K-12 faculty deliver an online program. Including additional laptop chargers, mice, headphones, and tablets for instructional use.
  • The lunch and breakfast program has to substantially adapt for a new method of meal delivery. Including supplies for a more contact free distribution (individual snack packages, foil, plastic utensils, gloves, aprons, etc).

We need your help to ensure that the families that rely on our school are able to access a safe and excellent Christ-centered education! 

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