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Will you help make Logos Academy sustainable
so we can impact generations to come?


We know that as a donor, you are an investor, and investors want the most for their hard-earned dollars. If you have been blessing our students with an annual gift, why not consider contributing to an endowed fund to make that gift go on FOREVER.

For 20 years, Logos Academy has provided an excellent Christ-centered education to students regardless of their family’s income. Our goal is to continue that tradition for years into the future, raising up young people who have intelligence plus character.

How to Make it Happen

There are lots of ways to build your endowed fund. Here are some of the most common:

• Write Us In Your Will – Set a percentage or dollar amount to benefit students
• Multi-Year Pledge – Give over several years above and beyond your annual gift
• Life Insurance – Set us as a beneficiary to your policy
• IRAs – Save on taxes by giving your minimum distribution OR set us as a beneficiary
• Stocks – Save on capital gains tax when you donate appreciated stock
• Special Gift – Set up your fund when you receive an inheritance, bonus, or sell a business

To explore these further, contact Lauren Sheehy at 717-848-9835 or lauren.sheehy@logosyork.org

Give a One-Time Endowment Gift:

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