Growing Wings

Mrs. Dyson with her students, releasing the butterflies

~ Gladys Dyson, Kindergarten Teacher

Three weeks ago, our Kindergarten students released the 5 butterflies they had watched develop from caterpillars. The excitement was high as the insects flew off, but there was some sadness too as our students loved watching these beautiful and fascinating creatures leave our learning space. Tiny caterpillars had arrived in the mail in early May, and we watched them grow, develop into chrysalides, and then waited eagerly for the butterflies to emerge. Our students were so interested in watching the butterflies feed and fly around in their mesh habitat. Most were sad to see them released, but I explained how they needed to be free to move on to bigger spaces and continue to grow.

On Friday, June 2, our last day of the school year, we released our precious Kindergarten students onto bigger things. They flew from the protected space of our K classrooms, much like the chrysalides (one definition is a protected stage of development), since they are ready to take off and learn, read and shine!

When we released the butterflies, 3 flew out of the habitat quite quickly (to rousing cheers, of course!), but two seemed reluctant to leave the safety of the known green mesh space. Those two had to be coaxed out and still one hung around on my finger for about 5 minutes, then on the nearby sidewalk. I find our K students are not much different. Last week, several talked excitedly about moving on to 1st grade and looking forward to what new and challenging things they would do there. But others were a bit tearful and said they wanted to stay in Kindergarten. While I would love to keep any of them, who would want to keep these eager students from the wonders that lie ahead? Who would want to limit their potential? They are ready, and though their excited giggles and delightful unique personalities will be missed, I will enjoy seeing them move on to new challenges and adventures. And I will look forward to the new little ones who will come through our doors in August – ready to grow, learn and again move on. 

Head of School Update – September 2016

Aaron AndersonThe 2016-17 academic year at Logos Academy is off to a great start. At our first day of school, we invited families and community members to a ribbon-cutting ceremony that welcomed our students back to school. So many of you are stepping up to be Logos Champions for our students, guaranteeing that each of them have a fair shot at receiving a high-quality education.

Logos is experiencing exciting growing pains. Enrollment jumped 15% to 290 students this year. Our kindergarten classes are full and we have waiting lists for enrollment into several classes. In grades K-5, we have 171 students, and in grades 6-12, enrollment is at 117. We have made faculty investments that strengthen our academic program to continue our commitment to being a vibrant learning community. This year’s senior class of six students represents our third graduating class. Next year’s graduating class is slated to be 15 students. We are so excited to see our graduates college and career ready as they complete their time at Logos Academy.

The $9M facility built in 2009 through the generosity of our faithful community partners is at its capacity. Every square inch has been claimed and is being put to its best use.In recent years, God blessed us again with two generous donors who helped us secure critical property across the street that will house future expansion. strategic-plan-visual-webIn 2012, a donor purchased 255 West King Street, the former Cadillac dealership/YMCA gymnastics building.
We are using that space this year for classrooms, a conference room, and as PE/recess space. In 2015, a donor helped us to acquire 243 West King Street, the lot adjacent to 255 which formerly housed the red Budget Furniture building and a gas station. We are in active discussions about what our expansion on this site might look like for the very near future.

Education costs across the country are soaring. We are excited to be able to manage this year’s growth, while creatively keeping our budget growth to 2%, a $3.1M budget. Last year’s 270-day budget impasse was a true test of our faith. Despite the challenge, and through God’s abundance, we raised $2.2M to meet our $3M budget goal.

The 2016-17 academic year is proving to be an exciting one. As we begin our 19th school year, we are serving more students than ever in our vibrant learning community. We are trusting God to help us raise the $2.3M needed to scholarship students who are eager to receive a high-quality education. I look forward to being able to tell you of our student’s progress in future posts.

God’s blessings in Christ,
Rev. Aaron J. Anderson
CEO/Head of School

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