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Trip to the Capitol

~ Mrs. Tanya Kellam, 6th Grade Teacher

On Wednesday, my 6th-grade class went to the state capitol building for a tour and to attend the 16th annual EITC (Educational Income Tax Credit) Birthday party.  Students learned about the importance of supporting funding efforts for diverse private institutions across the state and how it affords students to have a choice in education.  

Some of the student’s favorite highlights were standing at the table where many discussions and bills are signed by Governor Tom Wolf.  We were also fortunate to meet our local representative! Another exciting opportunity was that one of our fourth graders did the pledge of allegiance to open up the party!


Some students responses were…

“The capitol is so beautiful!”

“We are so happy we had an opportunity to visit the governor’s office.  It was amazing!”

“My favorite part was eating lunch on the state capitol lawn.”

“Thank you to Logos and everyone involved that gave us this opportunity to visit!”

“I didn’t realize how much an education costs.  I am so appreciative of getting such a great education as a result of the EITC.”

“When can we return?”  

Climbing the steps.

Students take in the foyer at the Capitol.

On a tour of the building.

First Grade Fun and Learning

What could be more fun than being with a wonderful bunch of effervescent first graders? From start to finish, each day is full of awe and wonder. Endless questions, discoveries, and brainstorms fill their day while finding delight in learning about the world they live in.

This year we are taking a tour of the world with stops on every continent. We began in North America by dressing up in colonial costumes borrowed from York Heritage Trust. As we learned about Johnny Appleseed, we picked big red apples t Brown’s Orchard. What a day to remember!

When special guests came in to tell us about their experiences in Central and South America, we feasted on homemade tacos.  Dr. and Mrs. Kraft, who have visited all seven continents, dazzled our firsties with stories of their hike through the mountains of Kenya where they sat among wild gorillas.

We ended the year with a special recitation of Psalm Chapter One at the Christmas Concert. Hearing children speak from God’s Word, which has been carefully preserved and tucked into each student’s heart, was powerful and long lasting. The memories of their special times in first grade and the impact of God’s Word in their lives will help these first graders reach the full potential that God has in store for them as they continue to grow and flourish in the years to come.

~ Sue Sutter, First Grade Teacher

Student Blogger: Aria – 2016 Team Project Week

Aria Flynn, 11th Grader at Logos Academy

Aria Flynn, 11th Grader at Logos Academy

Every year, Logos Academy hosts its annual Team Project Week for students grades 6-12. This time around, the theme for the big week was political: a simulation of this year’s presidential election campaigns. We were grouped up – six campaign teams, two newspaper teams, a press team, and a TV and media team – and sent off to work.

One student on each campaign team had a particularly important job: they had to play the role of their assigned candidate. Perhaps the most interesting part of this competition was the candidates chosen. The six teams were assigned the roles of Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, Republicans Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, and Ben Carson, and last but certainly not least, Green Party candidate Jill Stein.

I was on team Stein, assigned with the task of being Jill Stein. We all headed off to begin our project, being told to organize our groups and be ready for a press conference by the end of the school day – no pressure! Needless to say, our first task was to answer a question that we would hear a lot over the next week, “Who is Jill Stein?” The answer was surprising, and to some of us, surprisingly impressive. Nevertheless, we got to work reading up on our mysterious, unpopular candidate.

Throughout the week, we were scheduled to attend at least one press conference daily, and other times we were required to head down to the auditorium and listen to a guest speak. The guests ranged from former member of state Congress, to reporter, to personal relations manager for the mayor of York. Along with all of this, we had to present our candidates to lower school students, create our own campaign posters and commercials, schedule interviews with the press, and even attend a “televised” debate.

Over all, although this was only my second project week, I had a lot of fun. I was admittedly skeptical when it was announced, but I ended up enjoying it very much. Over the week I probably learned more about voting and campaigning than I did in 9th grade civics class- and it was much more enjoyable! I had a great time playing the roll of Jill Stein throughout the week, and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the students on my campaign team (grades 6-12). It was a great experience, and I can’t wait to see what we’re doing next year!
~Aria Flynn, 11th Grader at Logos Academy

Awards from Team Project Week 2016
Best Poster: Team Trump
Best Candidate Impersonation: Team Trump
Most Knowledgeable Candidate (of candidate’s platforms): Team Stein
Best Commercial: Team Sanders
Best Debate Performance: Team Clinton
Most Respectful Team: Team Stein
Hardest Working Team: Team Carson
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