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Head of School Update – September 2016

Aaron AndersonThe 2016-17 academic year at Logos Academy is off to a great start. At our first day of school, we invited families and community members to a ribbon-cutting ceremony that welcomed our students back to school. So many of you are stepping up to be Logos Champions for our students, guaranteeing that each of them have a fair shot at receiving a high-quality education.

Logos is experiencing exciting growing pains. Enrollment jumped 15% to 290 students this year. Our kindergarten classes are full and we have waiting lists for enrollment into several classes. In grades K-5, we have 171 students, and in grades 6-12, enrollment is at 117. We have made faculty investments that strengthen our academic program to continue our commitment to being a vibrant learning community. This year’s senior class of six students represents our third graduating class. Next year’s graduating class is slated to be 15 students. We are so excited to see our graduates college and career ready as they complete their time at Logos Academy.

The $9M facility built in 2009 through the generosity of our faithful community partners is at its capacity. Every square inch has been claimed and is being put to its best use.In recent years, God blessed us again with two generous donors who helped us secure critical property across the street that will house future expansion. strategic-plan-visual-webIn 2012, a donor purchased 255 West King Street, the former Cadillac dealership/YMCA gymnastics building.
We are using that space this year for classrooms, a conference room, and as PE/recess space. In 2015, a donor helped us to acquire 243 West King Street, the lot adjacent to 255 which formerly housed the red Budget Furniture building and a gas station. We are in active discussions about what our expansion on this site might look like for the very near future.

Education costs across the country are soaring. We are excited to be able to manage this year’s growth, while creatively keeping our budget growth to 2%, a $3.1M budget. Last year’s 270-day budget impasse was a true test of our faith. Despite the challenge, and through God’s abundance, we raised $2.2M to meet our $3M budget goal.

The 2016-17 academic year is proving to be an exciting one. As we begin our 19th school year, we are serving more students than ever in our vibrant learning community. We are trusting God to help us raise the $2.3M needed to scholarship students who are eager to receive a high-quality education. I look forward to being able to tell you of our student’s progress in future posts.

God’s blessings in Christ,
Rev. Aaron J. Anderson
CEO/Head of School

It’s Easy to be a Logos Champion (#LogosChampion)

Our vibrant learning community is robust with stories about lives being changed through connections at Logos Academy. We are an urban, Kingdom school grounded in the love of Christ, educating for excellence, offering opportunity, and cultivating hope in our community.

To our students, we offer an excellent education through a classical model which encompasses Greek, Latin, literature, humanities, philosophy, and rhetoric.

To our families, we offer opportunity to break cycles and connect with others in an environment grounded in the love of Christ. Our culturally diverse community is celebrated and seeds of understanding are planted.

To our community, we bring hope. Hope is brought to Logos in many ways: A caring friend, a donor who provides much-needed scholarships or school supplies, a community mentor that engages a student in an opportunity to expand his or her learning, a teacher who takes time to build a relationship with a student who is struggling, a staff member who listens to the struggles of a parent and connects them with resources. These are our Logos Champions.

Are you already a Logos Champion? We thank you for your love and support. You are steadfast and diligent in your commitment to Logos’ mission.

We need Logos Champions to continue to bring hope to our vibrant learning community! Join us. It’s easy!

Calling Champions

Aaron Anderson, CEO/Head of School, high-fives a student on the first day of school.

Aaron Anderson, CEO/Head of School, high-fives a student on the first day of school.

Back-to-school time has arrived! Students are putting on their new uniforms and zipping up their backpacks. It’s a time of new beginnings and high hopes. Logos Academy is a special place. Dreams are planted, futures are built, and children are being prepared to be all that God has created them to be. I’d like to ask you to invest in that as this school year begins.

Grounded in the love of Christ, we embrace a whole-child approach, investing in the academic, spiritual, and cultural flourishing of our students. We are committed to strong parent partnerships, small class sizes, and are excited to see our students engaging in the good things happening in our city. This vibrant mix creates a path of opportunity like no other educational choice in York. However, every child faces challenges, both in school and life. To make it possible for our diverse group of students to be in our classrooms, they need champions. They need champions to encourage them, cheer them on, and help provide them scholarships.

  • Would you consider being a Logos Champion and supporting a student for a day with your gift of $45?
  • Would you consider being a champion for a week with a gift of $225 to cover a student’s education at Logos?
  • What if every locker at Logos became a place of daily encouragement, where students are reminded that champions are rooting for them and supporting them? Would you consider giving $1,000 to benefit a student’s scholarship and provide a word of encouragement on a student’s locker?

GIVE #LogosChampion

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