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First Grade Fun and Learning

What could be more fun than being with a wonderful bunch of effervescent first graders? From start to finish, each day is full of awe and wonder. Endless questions, discoveries, and brainstorms fill their day while finding delight in learning about the world they live in.

This year we are taking a tour of the world with stops on every continent. We began in North America by dressing up in colonial costumes borrowed from York Heritage Trust. As we learned about Johnny Appleseed, we picked big red apples t Brown’s Orchard. What a day to remember!

When special guests came in to tell us about their experiences in Central and South America, we feasted on homemade tacos.  Dr. and Mrs. Kraft, who have visited all seven continents, dazzled our firsties with stories of their hike through the mountains of Kenya where they sat among wild gorillas.

We ended the year with a special recitation of Psalm Chapter One at the Christmas Concert. Hearing children speak from God’s Word, which has been carefully preserved and tucked into each student’s heart, was powerful and long lasting. The memories of their special times in first grade and the impact of God’s Word in their lives will help these first graders reach the full potential that God has in store for them as they continue to grow and flourish in the years to come.

~ Sue Sutter, First Grade Teacher

Meet Mackenzi

mackenziMackenzi, a seventh grader, started here as a Kindergartener, a tiny acorn ready for the nurturing soil of Logos Academy. Her family is from Mexico, but Mackenzi was born in York and resides in our city. She came to Logos, following her older brother and sister, to become saturated in the excellent education rooted in Christ, the culturally diverse environment, and community-minded values, to achieve her God-gicen potential. She is growing, blossoming, and establishing roots that will ensure her success and ability to impact the world in a positive way.

Mackenzi is part of the Logos Academy Cross Country team and cherishes the friendships she has made with fellow students, as well as the connections and interactions from the teachers who have “watered” her. Mackenzie is proud to say that she is part of a big, happy family in Logos Academy! She is looking forward to graduating as an “Oak of Righteousness, a planting of the Lord, for the display of His splendor.” (Logos Academy Declaration) 

“Thank you God, thank you Logos” ~ Mackenzi

Head of School Update – September 2016

Aaron AndersonThe 2016-17 academic year at Logos Academy is off to a great start. At our first day of school, we invited families and community members to a ribbon-cutting ceremony that welcomed our students back to school. So many of you are stepping up to be Logos Champions for our students, guaranteeing that each of them have a fair shot at receiving a high-quality education.

Logos is experiencing exciting growing pains. Enrollment jumped 15% to 290 students this year. Our kindergarten classes are full and we have waiting lists for enrollment into several classes. In grades K-5, we have 171 students, and in grades 6-12, enrollment is at 117. We have made faculty investments that strengthen our academic program to continue our commitment to being a vibrant learning community. This year’s senior class of six students represents our third graduating class. Next year’s graduating class is slated to be 15 students. We are so excited to see our graduates college and career ready as they complete their time at Logos Academy.

The $9M facility built in 2009 through the generosity of our faithful community partners is at its capacity. Every square inch has been claimed and is being put to its best use.In recent years, God blessed us again with two generous donors who helped us secure critical property across the street that will house future expansion. strategic-plan-visual-webIn 2012, a donor purchased 255 West King Street, the former Cadillac dealership/YMCA gymnastics building.
We are using that space this year for classrooms, a conference room, and as PE/recess space. In 2015, a donor helped us to acquire 243 West King Street, the lot adjacent to 255 which formerly housed the red Budget Furniture building and a gas station. We are in active discussions about what our expansion on this site might look like for the very near future.

Education costs across the country are soaring. We are excited to be able to manage this year’s growth, while creatively keeping our budget growth to 2%, a $3.1M budget. Last year’s 270-day budget impasse was a true test of our faith. Despite the challenge, and through God’s abundance, we raised $2.2M to meet our $3M budget goal.

The 2016-17 academic year is proving to be an exciting one. As we begin our 19th school year, we are serving more students than ever in our vibrant learning community. We are trusting God to help us raise the $2.3M needed to scholarship students who are eager to receive a high-quality education. I look forward to being able to tell you of our student’s progress in future posts.

God’s blessings in Christ,
Rev. Aaron J. Anderson
CEO/Head of School

Celebrating our Graduates

Our second class of seniors graduated on May 27, 2016. These five young men and women have worked hard and all are going off to college this fall. Our vibrant learning community surrounded them and sent them off as they left the building for the last time that day.

Daryl goodbye

Andrew and Daryl saying goodbye to Logos Academy

Tori and Amari goodbye

Tori and Amari saying goodbye to Logos Academy

2016 Senior Send Off from Logos Academy on Vimeo.

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