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Love Does – The Peace Path


Anna McMonigle, 2nd Grade Teacher and her students

~ Guest Blogger, Anna McMonigle, 2nd Grade Teacher

This year at our staff day apart, in preparation for the school year ahead, we focused on “Love Does.” We were challenged to put love into action and spent time that day praying and asking God to show each of us how to live out “Love Does” and incorporate it into our classrooms. I have introduced my students to this concept and have anticipated seeing “Love Does” lived out in our classroom.

So it happened. It was probably the best part of my day…my favorite “Love Does” story so far this year…two girls had a big disagreement and were both very angry at each other. It would have been simple for me to just separate them and move on, but they needed to reconcile and repair their hurt, “Love Does.” So, I challenged them to work through the ‘Peace Path’ together. peace-pathThe Peace Path is a technique I use in my classroom where both students involved in a conflict state their feelings then restate the other’s feelings so that they are both heard by one another. Then they brainstorm together what they could have done differently. When they agree, they apologize and shake hands.

This was the first time the Peace Path was used this year and wow…what a powerful testimony of God’s love and grace!!! I was in awe as I sat and watched from a distance. I only caught little pieces of what was said, but by the end they were smiling and laughing! God is working in the hearts of my students and I am humbled to be witness to their lives! “Love Does” repair!

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