Wonder in Education

Guest Blogger – Nancy Snyder, K-12 Student Support Services Coordinator

splashThe fifth-graders have been working on growth goals. To learn about a growth mindset, students read and discussed the picture book The Most Magnificent Thing. Students negotiated with their teachers to establish goals. They continually self-monitor to become aware of how they are doing in areas where they need to grow. Every two weeks, if their self-monitoring is adequate and their teacher recommends them, they choose what they would like to do in a fun snatch of time–ten minutes of spontaneous fun in the middle of the day. Yesterday, one of them lamented, “It’s too bad we can’t take a walk in the pouring rain.”



Why not?

I ran home to grab every umbrella I own. The students donned their jackets, and we marveled over the height of the Codorus Creek and all the debris floating down it. The sun burst through (like a bright idea after a growth-mindset struggle).

We looked at the huge puddles at the corner of King and Newberry Streets. One student said, “It’s too bad we can’t put down our hoods and umbrellas and run back to school in the rain.”
IMG_0611While I held their umbrellas, they danced and did cartwheels in the rain. It was a wonder-filled moment.

Wonder in education–it’s what we do at Logos Academy.

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