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StudentLess Than 20 Days to Step Into The Gap

The school year is over and there is much to celebrate! Despite losing $800,000 in student scholarships because of the Pennsylvania State budget impasse, Logos Academy is still standing with families to provide hope through an outstanding education.  Because of the abundant generosity of many, and frugal financial management, we are gratefully optimistic that we will be able to serve as many or more students in the year to come. Wonderful!

StepIntoTheGapLogo-Yellow&WhiteStill, to make that possible, we have some ground to cover before June 30th. A generous donor has offered $30,000 in matching funds to help us finish strong.

Will you step up to erase the impact of the budget impasse and allow us to move forward with confidence?

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Step Into The Gap

StepIntoTheGapLogo-Yellow&TransparentThe unfortunate reality is that a great education can become a seemingly unattainable dream for low income families. They enter school behind and struggle to catch up. However, for almost 20 years Logos Academy has been Stepping Into the Gap for students like these to deliver proven results built on classical education, small class sizes and strong parent partnerships, making it affordable to all. Our community is culturally diverse and grounded in the love of Christ.

Right now, due to the damage caused by the political gridlock from the PA budget impasse, significant funding that would normally have supported these students’ scholarships through business tax credits, has disappeared.

Starting on March 23rd we have 100 days to make up this gap, so we are asking YOU to Step Into the Gap for our students.

It only takes $45 to fund a day for a Logos student who relies on a scholarship. Every day in the classroom builds toward a hope filled future.

You can make that difference. Visit our page to learn how to Step Into The Gap

Logos Academy deals with wreckage of budget impasse

Rev. Aaron J. Anderson, Head of School and CEO

Rev. Aaron J. Anderson Head of School and CEO

The nearly 270-day Pennsylvania budget impasse has now ended. Governor Wolf relented, and though he did not sign the budget, he will allow it to stand. It appears that both the Governor and lawmakers realize there are future issues that must be addressed now.

Before we cast our gaze to the future, I propose we survey the wreckage this unfortunate impasse has created.

Our Commonwealth went 270 days without a state budget. For 270 days, schools, nonprofits, and numerous community organizations fretted over funding. For 270 days, organizations were forced to borrow money or make cuts to maintain operations. For 270 days, lines of credit were tapped, creating significant interest expenditures that were not budgeted. For 270 days, the minds of executives and staff members were preoccupied with solving funding issues. For 270 days, teachers and staff members struggled to focus on mission instead of worry.

The 270 days have passed and the political game of chicken is now over. Across PA, many are breathing a sigh of relief. Public schools will finally receive their allotted funding.

Yet, others are left cleaning up the wreckage left by this tornado of reckless irresponsibility. A great degree of damage has been caused that will not be remedied by the passage of a State budget.

Pennsylvania’s two educational tax credit programs, EITC and OSTC, provide a poignant example. These programs provide educational scholarships that make access to high quality educational programs accessible for people who otherwise could not afford them. In the 2014-15 fiscal year, Logos Academy collected and distributed $1,500,000 in scholarships to students in need through this program. Due to the 270-day budget impasse, Logos received only half of last year’s total, roughly $750,000. Half of our anticipated scholarship dollars are gone.

Though our legislators have taken steps to undo the damage, the damage is done. The tax credit program had timelines that needed to be kept. Businesses had deadlines for paying their taxes. Business owners and executives became exasperated by the ‘wait and see’ news we kept hearing out of Harrisburg and opted out of the program. We can only hope they will return next year.

And so, this week, at Logos Academy, we formally launched a 100-day effort to raise $800,000 to fill the financial gap. We granted substantial scholarships to students at the beginning of the year, with the full expectation that funding would be there to fulfill those scholarships. Logos had ten years of history on our side to substantiate this assumption.

The Logos Academy fiscal year closes in less than 100 days on June 30, 2016. In the midst of the impasse, our political leaders have talked at length about students being held hostage. While the damage has been done, we refuse to allow our children to be hurt due to the abject failure of Pennsylvania’s political leaders.

Choices have consequences, sometimes devastating ones. Though this 270-day budget impasse has victimized so many throughout our Commonwealth, we refuse to play the victim role at Logos Academy. We are looking to the faithfulness of God and the generosity of our donor community to step into the financial gap.

Logos Academy is gaining significant momentum. Students are excelling, we will graduate our second class of seniors in May, our growth is both prudent and measured, and we are cautiously considering the expansion needed to house an academic program that is showing great promise.

We will continue to fix our gaze toward securing a bright and hopeful future for our students, but in the next 100 days, we must clean up the mess created by these unfortunate 270 days.

Founders Event: Important Head of School Update

traci and connieWhat a joy it will be to honor Traci Foster and Connie Rae on April 21st at our Founders’ Event, for their faith and vision that gave birth to Logos Academy. We want to give you an important update which has an impact on our plans for this event.

Logos Academy is building momentum. In the 2014-15 fiscal year, we generated $1.5M in tax credit contributions, which allowed us to provide generous scholarships to families. Paying on average as little as $1400, families sent their children to Logos Academy, where their standardized test scores are up to four times higher than neighborhood schools, and the cost to educate is 71% of the cost of our public system. Our intent was to launch a Legacy Society and endowment effort as a first step in securing the future viability of our mission.

However, the 270-day-old PA State budget impasse necessitates a detour. Legislative inaction has wreaked havoc on our budget through lost and delayed tax credits. Scholarships were granted, with the expectation that business contributions would come through. Governmental squabbling has created a $800,000 gap in our current budget.

The good news is that time and again, God has provided generous people who have stepped into the gap for students who society is content to allow to fail. Our community of support is making it clear that this resolve has not waned.

The Founders’ Event is a critical moment for Logos Academy, a moment to celebrate and a moment where our students need you to Step Into the Gap once again. We hope to see you there. RSVP

Aaron webGod’s blessing to you in Christ,
Rev. Aaron J. Anderson, CEO/Head of School

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