Growing Wings

Mrs. Dyson with her students, releasing the butterflies

~ Gladys Dyson, Kindergarten Teacher

Three weeks ago, our Kindergarten students released the 5 butterflies they had watched develop from caterpillars. The excitement was high as the insects flew off, but there was some sadness too as our students loved watching these beautiful and fascinating creatures leave our learning space. Tiny caterpillars had arrived in the mail in early May, and we watched them grow, develop into chrysalides, and then waited eagerly for the butterflies to emerge. Our students were so interested in watching the butterflies feed and fly around in their mesh habitat. Most were sad to see them released, but I explained how they needed to be free to move on to bigger spaces and continue to grow.

On Friday, June 2, our last day of the school year, we released our precious Kindergarten students onto bigger things. They flew from the protected space of our K classrooms, much like the chrysalides (one definition is a protected stage of development), since they are ready to take off and learn, read and shine!

When we released the butterflies, 3 flew out of the habitat quite quickly (to rousing cheers, of course!), but two seemed reluctant to leave the safety of the known green mesh space. Those two had to be coaxed out and still one hung around on my finger for about 5 minutes, then on the nearby sidewalk. I find our K students are not much different. Last week, several talked excitedly about moving on to 1st grade and looking forward to what new and challenging things they would do there. But others were a bit tearful and said they wanted to stay in Kindergarten. While I would love to keep any of them, who would want to keep these eager students from the wonders that lie ahead? Who would want to limit their potential? They are ready, and though their excited giggles and delightful unique personalities will be missed, I will enjoy seeing them move on to new challenges and adventures. And I will look forward to the new little ones who will come through our doors in August – ready to grow, learn and again move on. 

Praying for Others

Traci Brubaker ~ Grammar School Teacher

One of the desires of my heart this year has been to help my students see beyond the classroom to the world God is continually orchestrating. I say to them, “You may feel unworthy right at this moment, but the Lord is using You for His plans and purposes in mighty ways.” What better way to turn our eyes upon Jesus than to encourage others through prayer. One of our prayer partners this year has been Lt.Col Ken Crabtree. It began on Veteran’s Day. Little did we know the video we made in our classroom, thanking the Colonel for his service, would play a part in an ongoing prayer ministry for his family. Right after the video was sent, there was an attack near his base. People lost their lives, and once again, Colonel Crabtree and his family were faced with the realization that life is precious, and can never be taken for granted. When the class found out about these events, they were determined to pray for his safety and protection. A few weeks ago, Ken contacted me asking if he could visit because he had something to present to our class. The day of his visit, we recited our Logos Declaration and sang, “Proud to be an American.” I looked over and saw Colonel Crabtree had tears in his eyes. Our class really touched his heart knowing we believed in what God was doing for him and his family. After a time of sharing and questions, he raised out of a box the most beautiful plaque I have ever seen. Inside the plaque was a flag flown at the United States Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan on March 2, 2017. It stands for peace and was flown in honor of our classroom! So, I say to my dear friends….Don’t ever feel insignificant. There is no such term in the eyes of our Creator. He has intertwined His people, all the way across the oceans. Our students are learning so much every day about math, reading, science, and history. But, are also learning that they have a mission for the Lord and He will use them if they are a willing vessel.

Meet Mackenzi

mackenziMackenzi, a seventh grader, started here as a Kindergartener, a tiny acorn ready for the nurturing soil of Logos Academy. Her family is from Mexico, but Mackenzi was born in York and resides in our city. She came to Logos, following her older brother and sister, to become saturated in the excellent education rooted in Christ, the culturally diverse environment, and community-minded values, to achieve her God-gicen potential. She is growing, blossoming, and establishing roots that will ensure her success and ability to impact the world in a positive way.

Mackenzi is part of the Logos Academy Cross Country team and cherishes the friendships she has made with fellow students, as well as the connections and interactions from the teachers who have “watered” her. Mackenzie is proud to say that she is part of a big, happy family in Logos Academy! She is looking forward to graduating as an “Oak of Righteousness, a planting of the Lord, for the display of His splendor.” (Logos Academy Declaration) 

“Thank you God, thank you Logos” ~ Mackenzi

Math + Students + Fun = QUIZ BOWL

Dr. Hubert Huang ~ Upper School Teacher

Dr. Hubert Huang ~ Upper School Teacher

~ Dr. Hubert Huang, Upper School Teacher, Guest Blogger

As a new mathematics faculty at Logos Academy, I feel blessed to be able to serve God while doing what I am passionate about: teaching. Prior to coming to Logos Academy, I worked for four years at Lehigh Valley Health Network in Allentown, PA where my wife was completing her residency program in OBGYN. Although my primary responsibilities included designing curriculum, assessments, and workshops, teaching physicians, nurses, and other healthcare providers, performing data analyses, and providing consultative services as a research statistician, I was also fortunate to be able to work with youth. The two programs I most enjoyed working with was a dual-enrollment program for high school seniors interested in healthcare careers and a competitive undergraduate summer research program. Before my wife’s residency, I was a high school teacher at York Suburban and Northeastern. Among the academic programs I started at both high schools were quiz bowl, Model United Nations, and a robust AP human geography and AP U.S. history program. I believe deeply that these academic extracurricular activities are important to developing academically strong students and a culture of high achievement.

Here at Logos Academy, we have several academic competition teams starting up this fall, most notable quiz bowl. So what is quiz bowl exactly? Quiz bowl is an academic competition that can be described as team Jeopardy! although unlike Jeopardy!, quiz bowl focuses on more content and subjects aligned with school curricula. BrainBusters on channel WGAL on Saturday mornings gives you a comparatively better idea of what Quiz Bowl is. screen-shot-2016-11-10-at-7-51-16-amWhile Quiz Bowl covers the middle school and high school curriculum, including American and world literature, physics, chemistry, mathematics, history, theology, music, art, and current events, it often requires students to dig deeper into these subject areas than they would normally do so in their classes. Academic extracurricular activities such as Quiz Bowl offer students the opportunity to take what they are learning in the classroom here at Logos Academy and apply it in collaborative, fun, and competitive environments. Research suggests that participation in extracurricular activities promotes greater academic achievement.

screen-shot-2016-11-10-at-7-51-31-amIn a standard quiz bowl match, two teams of four players face off against each other and compete to answer pyramidal toss-up questions (questions with three- to five-sentence clues that start out difficult and become increasingly easier) and associated bonus questions. Players each have a buzzer that they may “buzz in” as soon as they want to answer. This rewards players’ breadth and depth of knowledge rather how fast they can press a buzzer.

Every third Tuesday of the month Logos Academy is hosting a faculty-student Quiz Bowl match in the auditorium from 3:45pm to 4:30pm. Parents, students, and the community are welcome to come see what Quiz Bowl is about! Besides Quiz Bowl, Logos Academy will also be participating in Envirothon, Math Olympiad, Science Olympiad, and National History Day this year.

2016-2017 Schedule for Logos Academy Academic Teams (subject to change)

  • Pennsylvania Central Region Science Olympiad at Millersville
  • York County Envirothon at John Rudy Park
  • Math Olympiad
  • Moody’s Mega Math Challenge
  • Lehigh University High School Math Contest
  • Faculty-Student Matches
  • Manheim Township Academic Challenge at Manheim Township HS
  • Manheim Township Middle School Quiz Bowl Tournament at Manheim Township HS
  • Regional High School and Middle School Science Bowl at City College of New York
  • Penn State Spring Academic Bowl at Penn State University, University Park
  • Conestoga Valley Quiz Bowl Tournament at Conestoga High School
  • Pennsylvania Academic Challenge

Meet Graham

GrahamGraham came to Logos Academy in 7th grade after tumultuous years at both suburban private and public schools. Although his IQ was very high, he struggled to learn in these educational settings, especially when it came to math. His teacher at Logos worked with him, encouraged him, supported and loved him through that challenging 7th grade year. She provided hope and opportunity that ultimately provided Graham with an excellent education. On the last day of school that year, Graham gave her a note thanking her for helping him fight his fear and learn to like math. Now in 11th grade, he has consistent A’s in advanced math, but more importantly, he knows that he can do it. He sees himself as a scholar, eager to learn and and see the beauty in the world. Graham is a photographer and musician and shares those talents with Logos. The Vibrant Learning Community at Logos gave him that gift that he will carry with him.

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