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Tuition Information

With sensitivity to the impact COVID-19 had on our families, Logos Academy froze the tuition for the 2020-21 school year by retaining the 2019-20 rate of $9530 per student. Tuition for the 2021-22 school year will be increased according to the 2021 COLA rate of 1.3%.

The 2021-22 tuition rate per student will be $9654.

It is important that families apply for Grant and Aid early to ensure funding to offset tuition bills. Scholarships are limited this year.

Grant & Aid (Scholarship) Applications

Financial aid applications are administered through an online application process using FACTS Grant & Aid. Starting January 4th, families will be able to start their application. There is an application fee charged by FACTS for processing and verifying an application for aid. The deadline for the Grant & Aid application is March 15th

Apply for Financial Aid (Grant & Aid Application) through the FACTS Management System using this link: FACTS Management .

What do I need?

In order to receive tuition assistance, you must apply for scholarships through the FACTS Management system. You will need to submit your 2019 tax information by March 15th. Using your previous tax return (2019) will allow us to calculate and award scholarships in a more timely manner. After March 15th, scholarships are not guaranteed as funding may not be available this year.

Please note: if you have had a significant loss of income in 2020 by comparison to 2019 that you would like us to consider, we suggest you still submit your 2019 taxes by March 15th to secure a scholarship and then supply us with either your 2020 taxes or proof of income loss by March 31st for any adjustments.

Assigned Payment Plan Renewal (OPT-IN to a plan and forget it!)

Moving forward, your agreement will be assigned a payment plan for the next school year based on the plan you were enrolled in for the previous year. For example, if your agreement is set up as a 10 month Payment Plan for the current year it will be automatically rolled over to a 10 month Payment Plan for the next school year. This step of re-enrollment is generally completed by FACTS. However, you will need to contact us for assistance if you wish to change your payment plan to another monthly or one time option.

Your new payment plan will continue to use the same payment method (invoice, checking, or credit card) indicated from the previous plan. If you need to change your payment method you will need to reach out to FACTS for assistance in doing so.

Who can I contact if I have questions?

Contact Teresa “Tree” Rufo with any questions at or 717-848-9835 ext 149.

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